CME Publishings is officially official.

As   writing   has   always   been   my   first   love,   I   tend   to   overlook   a   good   deal   of   my   other attributes   -   the   areas   of   expertise   that   pays   the   bills   while   I   scratch   away   at   the   craft   I adore above all else.  But,   overlook   the   publishing   side   I   can   do   no   more.   I’ve   been   blessed   to   have   gained promising   clients   other   than   myself.   Who   am   I?   Oh,   CaSandra   Mathis,   owner/CEO   of CME Publishings, the officially official publishing company I’m introducing to you now. Now,   I’m   not   saying   I’m   not   a   promising   client,   as   I   have   been   for   a   number   of   years   and put   together   some   pretty   dang   good   stuff   as   you’ll   get   to   see.   But,   I   doubt   that   my clients,   whom   I’ll   introduce   to   you   all   in   more   detail,   some   more   than   others:   J.   Samms, Ellie   Nellz,   and   Tribal   Nation   Israel,   are   willing   to   go   as   overlooked   from   a   publishing standpoint   as   I’ve   been   over   the   past   several   years.   So,   without   further   ado,   I   present   to you,    CME    Publishings,    a    small,    privately    owned    and    operated    publishing    company based in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Ta dah~~~ Drum roll and all of that stuff! So,   there   it   is.   CME   Publishings   has   been   officially   introduced.   My   job   in   that   regard   is done.   I’ve   fulfilled   my   mission.   Now,   if   it’s   okay   with   you   all,   I’d   like   to   get   back   to   work. You   know,   the   real   stuff   that   I   do   when   all   this   other   fun   stuff   like   gabbing   away   with you   guys   is   out   of   the   way?   Yeah,   you   know,   the   writing   of   new   screenplays,   putting   the finishing   touches   on   my   old   screenplays,   writing   television   pilots,   television   scripts, writing   and   revising   novels   for   my   fan   base   and   for   hopeful   adaptation   to   the   big screen, and the grueling task of pitching all of my projects to the industry execs. And,   without   a   second   to   take   a   much   needed   breath   in   between   all   of   that,   preparing to   enter   particular   projects   into   these   full   feature,   book,   and   TV   script   contests,   (that actually   pay   out   money   this   time),   and   praying   I   place   in   a   good   position   in   at   least some   of   them   because   I   know   the   competition   is   steep,   steep,   steep   and   my   ass doesn’t   have   the   good   sense   to   write   what   mainstream   America   is   probably,   most   likely looking   for   instead   of   sticking   to   my   guns   and   writing   what   I   love.   You   know,   that   damn urban fiction, street literature, hood shit that I’ve lived, loved, and grew up on.
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That   Tyler   Perry   kinda   reality.   Drama   on   100   and   10,   laced   with   comedy,   but   with   a   bit more   grit   as   the   hood   knows   grit   to   be   and   the   whole   of   America   ain’t   checking   for   the hood.   Still,   I’m   all   about   that   over-the-top,   Madea   type   realism   topped   off   with   a   bit   of, “The   Wire,”   like   realities   of   hood   life   eased   on   up   to   date   with   a   taste   of,   “Power   “   kinda shiznit   going   on   all   up   and   through,   but   don’t   act   like,   “Empire,”   characterizations   ain’t going   on   too.   Hoodrats   and   hoodlums   and   whatnot.   Some   Ike   Turners   and   Tina’s   and Fishburne and Bassett styles. Yessir! And yes you ma’am dey am. And   if   you   ain’t   unna   stand   this,   you   damn   sho   won’t   understand   that.   Which   is   why   I probably   won’t   win   none   of   those   white   folk’s   contest   though   I   will   be   entering   them   anyways.   And,   why   I’ve   been   put   through   the   kinds   of   shiznit I’ve   been   put   through   over   the   years.   Sheeze   Loueeze   you   would   not   buleeve!   Buuud,   that   don’t   mean   my   shit   ain’t   the   shit,   which   is   why   I’ve learned   not   to   no   longer   fret .   I   just   knows   now,   after   years   of   not   knowing   and   errantly   fretting,   that   I   just   need   to   get   my   creative   works   into   the proper   creative   hands,   white   or   otherwise.   And,   once   I   do   that,   and   stop   wasting   my   time   chasing   those   wrong   rainbows,   that   phat   payday   I’ve been longing for and I’m deserving of, will take place ‘cuz how can it not? My   recognition   will   happen   and   my   longevity   will   begin.   My   place   among   the   greats   will   be   had.   My   beginning   to   my   legacy   and   my   stake   to   claim that   I   will   one   day   become   the   first   female   Tyler   Perry   will   most   certainly   come   to   fruition   and   I   can   actually   die   a   happy,   happy,   joy   joyously blessed woman after all is said and done - oh hal le lu ah day! Yes! You can dance at my funeral! All a ya’ll. BUT   -   only   if   the   aforementioned   doth   take   place.   Fore   if   it   doth   not   -   better   not   a   single   sole   show   up,   dancing   or   otherwise.      I’d   rather   die   alone. ‘Cuz for me, alone ain’t never meant lonely. Just peacefully, drama and worry free, and alone. Aiight? All Right! Now,   in   my   most   feminine,   Samuel   Jackson   voice   I   ask,   “can   I   get   back   to   work,   so   I   can   make   this   shit   happen?   Dammit,   I   got   dreams   to   fulfill…” Then, back to my sexy, tomboy, rough neck that I be, but still girlie be me voice, I say evah so nicely, “Go   on   now,   good   people.   Read   through   some   of   the   other   pages   on   my   website.   Lots   of   good   shit.   Info,   graphics,   sneak   peeks.   I   made   sure   of   it. Just   for   you.   White   folks   too.   Blue   Peoples.   Green.   Yellow.   Red.   Orange.   Purple.   I   loves   you   all.   Yop!   So,   thanks   for   stopping   by,   and   come   back   soon and a lot. Feel free to be strange. I know I am. But, don’t be a stranger.” Oh,   and   be   sure   to   read   that   stuff   on   the   right   side   of   this   page   about   not   quitting.   I   meant   that.   I’m   old   as   fizznuck   and   I’m   still   grinding   24/7   and then some! I said that in my Cookie Lyon  voice ‘cuz this iz my empire!

Call me anything, but a quitter…

The   only   way   to   fail   is   to   stop   trying   because as   long   as   we   try,   we   are   winners   in   our   own right.   No   man   is   the   measure   of   greatness   for every    man.    And,    no    woman    can    set    the standard   of   achievement   for   all   women   for no   such   being   as   “all”   or   “every”   exists   today, has   ever   existed   in   times   past,   nor   will   exist   in times to come. We    are    individuals.    And,    as    individuals,    we are     set     upon     separate     paths     from     the moment     of     our     introductions     onto     this wondrous   thing   we   come   to   know   as   planet earth,    and    throughout    our    journeys    as    we discover   ourselves   time   and   again,   and   until our departure from this physical place. Therefore,   it   is   in   our   best   interest,   each   and every    wonderful    one    of    us,    to    strive    for greatness   even   if   only   as   we   define   it,   but more    than    that,    as    we    define    it    in    others, peoples   and   things,   and   then,   to   go   for   it.   Full throttle!   Head   for   it!      And   do   not   stop   until   we either    reach    our    goal    or    expire    in    such    a manner    that    we    are    no    longer    mentally, physically,   spiritually,   or   by   any   other   means able to continue striving. But,   should   we   succeed   in   reaching   that   goal, no   matter   how   monumentally   monumental   it may       be,       celebrate!       Yes!       Enjoy       the achievement,       but       with       brevity.       Then immediately     be     about     the     business     of striving   for   the   next   goal,   if   that   journey   has not already begun. And   as   always,   I   pray   you   the   best   on   this   and every    other    of    your    journeys,    paths,    and enlightenments   in   hopes   that   life   brings   you far     too     many     to     count     or     breathtaking moments to etch into memory.
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