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CaSandra Mathis

Self   coined,   The   Writer   In   Me ,   CaSandra   Mathis   was   born   and   raised   in   the   poorer   areas   of Milwaukee,   Wisconsin’s   inner-city.   While   this   wasn’t   the   worse   thing   compared   to   the   larger metropolitan   hoods   like   Chicago’s   former   Cabrini   Green   and   New   York’s   current   Marcy projects,   gunshots   were   still   gunshots,   drugs   were   still   drugs,   and   just   like   today,   a   crooked cop did nobody no good no matter where they did their dirt. Life   was   hell   for   the   professed   tomboy   who   developed   a   love   for   basketball   as   young   as eight   years   old   as   a   way   to   deal   with   the   crap   that   went   on   inside   and   outside   of   the   homes she   grew   to   hate   going   into   as   much,   if   not   more   than   going   out   of   each   day.   For   as   much as   the   neighborhood’s   high   crime   rate,   lack   of   moral   fiber,   and   constant   threats   of   violence took   its   toll   on   her   exterior,   the   dysfunctional   family   into   which   she   was   born   wore   heavy on   her   soul   from   the   inside.   In   fact,   in   the   most   crucial   of   ways,   over   the   long   run,   it   may have proved worse. On   the   brighter   side,   because   there   has   to   be   one,   right?   CaSandra’s   childhood,   or   lack thereof,   her   young   adulthood,   and   the   multitude   of   tumultuous   events   that   produced   the woman   that   she   is   today,   contributed   greatly   to   her   unlimited   resource   of   edgy,   realistically engaging, and entertaining tales. As   Satan   himself   once   stood   in   her   face   and   so   arrogantly   spat   in   his   own   raspy,   fiery breath,   “everybody’s   got   a   story   to   tell.”   Well,   CaSandra’s   got   plenty   of   Satan   inspired,   damn near   penned   from   his   own   ill   fated   finguhs.   Faith   based   battles   of   abstinence   ‘til   marriage and   upholding   the   family   legacy   vs.   gettng   the   man   you   love   as   in,   “Dare   I   Say   No?”   The struggles    of    a    young    boy    to    survive    Helltown,    the    worse    hood    in    America    and    his dysfunctional   family   in   “Drayton   Clarke,   Tools   of   the   Trade.”   The   hilarious,   side-splitting battle   of   wills   between   a   devout   Christian   woman   and   the   sudden   and   rude   awakening   of her   hell-raising   alter-ego   in,   “Don’t   Kill   Xylah,”   and   on   and   on.   Oh   yeah,   there’s   more.      And, whether   told   through      screenplays,   novels,   or   TV   scripts,   CaSandra   delivers   the   drama,   the action,   the   down   right,   hella   funny   right   up   there   with   the   best   of   ‘em.   All   she   needs   is   a chance and 2017 is the year she plans to earn it! Big time! Visit   her   website,   TWIM   -   The   Writer   In   Me    -   for   more   on   current   and   upcoming   projects! You   can   also   email   her,   well   me,   at:   CBaby23@gmail.com .   We’re,   she’s,   well,   me,   I’m   always looking   to   hear   from   industry   executives   who’re   just   dying   to   read   my   work.   That   would   be you,   right?   Yeah.   You   know   you   want   it.   Everything   can   be   had   for   a   price   and   I’m   currently broke   as   hell,   so   you’d   better   catch   me   soon.   ‘Cuz   once   the   dough   gets   to   rolling   in,   those mega   sized,   Hollywood   type   offers,   and   they   will   ‘cuz   I   got   that   hot   fire.   That   kind   of   bidding war   type   screenplays,   novels,   and   scripts.   And   you   know   how   snooty   people   can   get   when they   hear   those   numbers   -   those   high   numbers.   Not   me,   of   course.   I’ll   always   be   humble and   grateful   and   team   player   like.   But,   I’m   just   saying…   Some   people   be   like…   You   know. Not   me,   of   course.    .   But,   there   is   this   mega   cool   house   in   the   ATL   that   I   got   my   eyes on,   so   I’m   taking   offers.   First   good   one   gets   it.   I’m   just   saying…   Hit   a   sista   up,   bruh,   sis.   Don’t sleep on it, this, me. You know what I mean. Okay, back to the Client Page… 
Winner of the 2016 THE PITCH LIST COMPETITION, book category. (click on award below for more) CaSandra            Mathis Urban Fiction  Screen/TV Writer Street Lit/Hood Shit Ellie Nellz Adult Coloring  Books (get your minds out the gutter people!) J. Samms Incognito Non-Fiction Self-Help Tribal Nation  Israel Non-Fiction Racism/Politics The Tough Topics O.A.L. Hip Hop Artist Lyricist/Poet Music Producer
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