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Ellie Nellz

This lady here has got to be the chippiest of the chipperest women in all the land. Ellie Nellz puts the hap, hap, hap in happy and the k-i-n- and the d in kind. In fact, I should’ve capitalized all of those letters. She’s as sweet as down home good apple pie. That kind with the dutch crust and the best filling - a true joy and pleasure to know. If she were me, she’d be the best side the world would ever want to meet. My happiest, early morning riser, talk people to death, happy right out of bed, get on people’s nerve ‘cuz I’m that morning kind of person type of chipper. The sheer joy of human-ness of being humane. Yeah, she’s just like that. Ellie Nellz caught onto the trend of adult coloring books, another making people happy type thing, and brought into it her own methodology of developing grayscale images. What she does that’s so different is that she creates this sketched feature in her images along with the highlights and shadowing of traditional grayscales, making each image extra special to look at and to color. They have the lines and appearance of an actual professional sketch with shadows and highlights. Wow twice, right? Colorists everywhere are jumping for joy to get their hands on these babies. Yeah, colorists. That’s what people who simply love to color are calling themselves which, I suppose, is quite appropriate. At any rate, it sounds cool as hell, so I’m rolling with it. Visit Ellie’s website, Sketches & Grayscales by Ellie Nellz - for her current collection in both print and ebook formats as well as any upcoming projects. She has a full line of adult coloring books and a trio of coloring books geared towards tween and teen boys and girls. Lots of great things to love! Here are a few of her books and sample pages. Click to enlarge. Back to the Client Page…   
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