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J. Samms

With   the   utmost   regard   to   all   my   clients,   myself   included   and   especially   Ellie   Nellz   with   her most    pleasant    personality    and    especially    special    ways,    J.    Samms    has    to    be    the    most absolutely   treasured   person   I’ve   ever   met.   I   thought   I   was   a   ridiculously,   over-the-top,   lost in   the   wilderness   kind   of   giving   soul.   The   kind   where   even   my   own   mother   used   to   scream at   me   day   in   and   day   out,   yell   to   the   rafters   that   I’d   never   have   anything   in   life   because   I’d literally   give   a   total   stranger   the   shirt   off   of   my   back   and   walk   home   in   the   winter   without   a clue as to how I was going to avoid catching a cold.
J. Samms Incognito Non-Fiction Self-Help
Well,   J.   Samms   has   out   done   my   dumb   ass   by   a   long   shot.   And   I   don’t   say   it   this   way   to   say   that   they’re   gestures   or   manners   of   being   are   dumb by   any   stretch   of   the   imagination.   These   things   I   can   say   about   myself   and   I   do   and   will   from   time   to   time   as   I’d   had   it   so   emphatically   yelled   to me.   But   when   it   comes   to   others,   I   tend   to   see   a   lot   more   clearly   and   understand   where   they   are   coming   from.   In   fact,   it   is   often   through   others that   I   get   a   clearer   view   of   my   own   path   in   life   and   a   better   understanding   and   appreciation   of   the   strengths   that   I’ve   been   blessed   with   that others may have seen, or may still see as weaknesses. J.   Samms   honestly   wants   to   help   others   -   to   SAVE   others   if   you   will.   But,   the   desire   to   do   so   is   to   do   so   without   any   distractions,   any   excuses, any   looks   to   the   left   or   the   right   as   people   tend   to   do   when   looking   for   reasons   to   not   do   something   that   they   know   they   need   to   do   in   order   to get their lives in order, or to correct some aspect of their lives in order to get their lives in order. J.   Samms   is   a   self-help   guru.   Not   by   their   own   mouths   does   this   term   ever   come   into   play,   but   by   my   mouth,   in   my   mind,   in   my   understanding. This   person   is   one   who   has   had   more   than   their   fair   share   of   successes   and   failures.   Too   many   to   count   on   both   hands   and   both   feet   -   a   person who   can   honestly   say   they’ve   done   enough   things   wrong   and   enough   things   right   to   actually   be   an   authority   on   what   NOT   to   do   if   you   want   to succeed and exactly what to do if you want to fail. So,   J.   Samms   decided   to   write   a   book   on   what   NOT   to   do.   The   title   of   the   book   is   quite   catchy,   I   think,   and   something   that   the   world   will   be   able to   relate   to.   It’s   simply,   Don’t   Be   Me ,”   and   the   subtitle   is,   How   to   Make   Life   Not   Suck .”   We   picked   out   this   really   cool   graphic   to   use,   but   I thinkt   he   guy’s   an   actor   so   we’ll   probably   end   up   using   an   emoticon   or   something   we’re   sure   doesn’t   have   any   copyright   infringement possibilities attached. Who needs nasty legal hastles, right? What   I   like   most   about   J.   Samms’   book   and   the   overall   approach   to   writing   this   book   is   that   it   is   not   only   the   crux   of   their   own   life   experiences, but   a   compilation   of   multiple   instances   of   life   experiences   of   people   they’ve   encountered   over   the   past   several   decades.   Yes,   this   individual   has been   around   for   a   while.   May   have   sat   at   the   table   with   Jesus   so   to   speak.   They   are   no   spring   chicken,   so   they   are   definitely   able   to   offer   a   lot more than a few tidbits of wisdom. As   I’m   sure   you’ve   noticed,   I   have   not   let   on   as   to   whether   J.   Samms   is   a   woman   or   man.   I   have   not   told   you   their   race.   I   have   not   said   anything about   their   religion,   or   if   they   even   practice   one.   In   fact,   I   have   told   you   nothing   other   than   the   fact   that   they   have   gone   through   a   lot   of   life experiences   and   they   want   to   share   things   with   you   that   they   believe   will   be   of   help   to   you   and,   their   primary   reason   for   sharing   their experiences   with   you   is   so   that   you   can   possibly   avoid   the   pitfalls   they’ve   endured.   Or,   if   you’ve   already   gone   through   some   of   them,   or   if   you’re currently   going   through   some   rough   patches,   they   can   help   you   get   through   them,   hopefully   out   of   them,   and   prayerfully   never   have   to   go through them or anything like them again. When   I   was   presented   with   the   opportunity   to   take   on   this   project,   I   jumped   on   it   right   away.   How   could   I   not?   I’m   a   diehard   fan   of   helping others,   even   to   my   own   detriment.   Not   that   this   was   the   case   here,   but   that’s   my   nature.   That’s   who   I   am.   So,   I   was   all   over   it.   I   knew   it   would take   a   great   deal   of   time   as   I   would   be   very   hands-on,   even   down   to   assisting   with   the   research   and   doing   some   of   my   own.   Whatever   would help   J.   Samms   put   the   best   foot   forward   possible   on   this   first   trek   down   the   authoring   path.   As   you   see,   there   is   no   artwork   yet,   no   book   cover or   excerpts   to   read   because   it’s   not   complete.   The   book   is   still   in   the   works.   The   goal   was   to   be   ready   to   launch   by   December   15th,   but   with   all of the other projects going on, it looks like it may be pushed back until the beginning of the New Year. That’s the publishing world, people. One   of   my   favorite   sayings   to   repeat   is   Rev   Run’s   words,   “lean   with   it,   rock   with   it.”   I   just   love   that   guy!   Life   throws   us   all   kinds   of   punches   and   if you   don’t   learn   how   to   “lean   with   ‘em,”   and   “rock   with   ‘em,”   you   will   get   knocked   the   fizzuck   out   -   constantly!   So,   in   the   publisning   world   and every other aspect of life, I’ve learned to, “lean with it, rock with it.” So,   J.   Samms’   soon   to   be,   I’m   certain   it   will   be,   best   selling   book,   “Don’t   Be   Me,”   will   be   on   the   shelves   and   in   the   ebook   world   soon,   people.   I promise   to   get   excerpts   to   you   if   not   in   the   coming   weeks,   definitely   sometime   early   next   year   -   a   little   something   to   whet   your   whistle   until   the book   is   actually   done   and   ready   for   you   to   feast   your   eyes   upon.   I   can   say   this   though.   I   have   been   treated   to   a   few   sneak   peeks   and   I   am impressed.   If   you   think   I   shoot   straight   from   the   hip?   Oh,   J.   Samms   is   a   gun-slinger   elite.   Holds   no   punches.   You   will   get   the   straight   truth   in   the most   tough-love   kinda   way   imaginable.   No-holds   barred.   Fair   warning.   This   book   is   not   for   the   feint   of   heart,   nor   tender   of   hearing.   There   will be cussing, so you know it’s right up my alley. Me and Dave Chappel. LOL I   guess   I   should   start   an   email   list   or   something   so   I   can   keep   people   up   to   date   on   the   CME   Publishing   haps,   huh?   That’s   probably   a   good   idea. You know? I think I’m going to get myself an assistant. A real one. What a novel idea. I’ll get right on it. I’ll   keep   you   up   on   the   J.   Samms   book   project   progress.   You   won’t   want   to   miss   this.   This   is   going   to   be   huge.   Huge!   UGE   even.   That’s   HUGE without the “H” the way white folks pronounce it, so you know it’s going to be bigger than just regular big! Well, back to the Client Page… 
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