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When   it   comes   to   the   tough   topics,   Tribal   Nation   Israel   is   not   one   to   back   away,   but   the type   of   writer   who   steps   up   to   the   plate   and   hits   the   ball   clean   out   of   the   park.   His   debut book,   “A   Critical   Essay   On   Why   Blacks   Use   The   “N”   Word   And   Whites   Are   Forbidden,”   states his   case   in   a   major   way.   Yes,   the   topic’s   been   done   before.   Time   and   again,   the   subject   has been   broached.   But,   though   America   is   truly   the   land   of   the   free   and      home   of   the   brave,   as Tribal   Nation   Israel   hesitates   not   to   point   out,   the   country’s   history   runs   ramped   with   the ills   of   racism   and   racially   motivated   actions   that   warrant   the   questioning   of   the   use   of   such words by “outsiders” of the Black experience. But   this   author   is   not   single   minded.   He   did   not   play   the   race   card,   then   leave   the   table   as if   a   seeming   win   is   the   only   reason   he   sat   down,   went   all   in,   then   revealed   his   hand   in   the first place. No, he calls everyone to the carpet. Leaves neither stone, nor race, unturned. The   Table   of   Contents   notes   chapters   such   as:   “The   Beginning   of   the   “N”   Word   in   America,” “Slavery,    Emancipation,    and    the    Nigger    Identity,”    and,    “Gangster    Rap    Music’s    Violent Influence.”   Yes,   the   role   of   the   youth   and   young   adults   in   the   downfall   of   a   prominent   race goes   no   less   unnoticed   than   that   of   their   place   in   its   rise   -   its   resurgence   to   the   great   and powerful   unified   nation   it   was   designed   and   destined   to   be.   Tribal   Nation   Israel   clearly outlines   the   agenda   for   putting   back   together   the   pieces   of   the   puzzle   that   was   once   whole and the expedience of which this plan must be carried out. Though    this    masterfully    crafted    book    was    released    just    before    the    recent    presidential campaign   results   unfolded,   Tribal   Nation   Israel’s   plan   to   rebuild   the   Black   race   and   the humanity    of    America    alongside    of    it    is    no    less    sound,    accurate,    or    necessary.    In    fact, considering the results, it’s more so now than ever before. This   book   is   a   must   read.   No   matter   which   side   of   the   fence   you’re   on,   or   even   if   you’re straddling   somewhere   in   the   middle.   This   is   one   debate   and   all-out   topic   of   discussion   of which you won’t want to be sitting on the sidelines. Visit Tribal’s website, Tribal Nation Israel  - for more! Please   Note:   As   of   the   time   of   this   writing,   Tribal   Nation   Israel’s   website   is   being   completed and   may   not   yet   be   online.   You   may   need   to   check   back   in   a   couple   of   days.   Your   patience is most appreciated. The webmaster. Okay,   it’s   me,   CaSandra.   I’m   the   webmaster.   The   Zen   Ma’am   behind   this   web   thingy   stuff. Ya’ll   know   I’m   busy   as   hell   with   this   CME   Publishings   website,   Ellie   Nellz   website,   (it’s   a doosie,   people   -   lots   to   see),   the   TWIM   website,   the   logos   and   graphics   for   the   social networks,   I’m   getting   things   in   order   for   my   30   Days   2   Success   Challenge,   my   marketing   for Ellie   Nellz’s   coloring   books,   J.   Samm’s   book   project,   Tribal   Nation   Israel’s   book   project,   and virtual   schooling   and   otherwise   raising   my   soon   to   be   13   year   old,   “God,   thanks   for   blessing me   with   his,   getting   on   my   last   nerve   ass   grandson    Qaamar,”   and   working   hem   to   haw   just   to keep   the   lights   on   and   roof   over   our   heads,   so   give   this   ole   gal   a   break   aiight?   The   site   just might be up by the time you get there, but just in case it’s not… show a lil’ patience. And thank ya, 3 times    Back to the Client Page… 
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