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Welcome!   I’m   CaSandra   Mathis,   owner/CEO   of   CME   Publishings,   a   small,   privately owned   and   operated   publishing   company   based   in   my   hometown   of   Milwaukee,   WI. The   officially   official   publishing   company   that’s   been   around   for   over   a   decade,   that I’m introducing to the masses now. Why now? CME   Publishings   was   created   as   my   personal   source   and   resource   for   getting   my creative   works   to   the   masses.   Any   writer   who   lived   through   the   career   stagnating era   of   the   “gatekeepers,”   the   often   biased,   decision   makers   who   stood   between   our creative   projects   and   the   masses   of   book   lovers   just   waiting   to   buy   them,   knows how   hard   it   was   to   get   published.   CME   Publishings   was   the   remedy   for   such   -   the answer   and   the   introduction   of   self-publishing,   most   specifically,   print-on-demand, set myself and a multitude of other creative souls free. As   with   all   of   my   endeavors,   as   soon   as   I   realize   a   means   of   making   my   life   easier,   I do   all   that   I   can   to   bring   that   comfort   to   others.   In   doing   so,   I’ve   acquired   a   stable client   base   of   the   coolest,   most   diverse   people   I   could   ever   hope   to   meet   on   a personal   or   business   level,   and   it   is   on   their   behalf   that   I   bring   CME   Publishings   to the forefront where it and my clients can obtain greater visibility. The   slogan   of   CME   Publishings   is:   “The   Stairway   to   Everywhere,   ‘Cuz   You’ve   Got   To Keep   Climbing.”   I   chose   that   because   it   doesn’t   matter   what   your   interest   is,   or where    your    journey    is    taking    you.    You    simply    cannot    stop    reaching,    striving, climbing. Be   sure   to   read,   Call   Me   Anything,   But   A   Quitter ,”   at   the   right   side   of   this   page. These   words   are   from   the   depths   of   my   heart.   There   isn’t   much   you   cannot   have   in this life if you’re willing to put in the work to get it. It’s never too late. Go for it! Thanks   for   stopping   by.   Be   sure   to   visit   the   other   pages   on   this   site   and   contact myself   or   any   of   the   authors.   Come   back   soon   and   a   lot.   Feel   free   to   be   strange.   I know I am. But, don’t be a stranger.” :-)  
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Call me anything, but a quitter…

The   only   way   to   fail   is   to   stop   trying   because as   long   as   we   try,   we   are   winners   in   our   own right.   No   man   is   the   measure   of   greatness   for every    man.    And,    no    woman    can    set    the standard   of   achievement   for   all   women   for no   such   being   as   “all”   or   “every”   exists   today, has in times past, nor will in times to come. We    are    individuals.    And,    as    individuals,    we are     set     upon     separate     paths     from     the moment     of     our     introductions     onto     this wondrous   thing   we   come   to   know   as   planet earth.    and    throughout    our    journeys    as    we discover   ourselves   time   and   again,   and   until our departure from this physical place. Therefore,   it   is   in   our   best   interest,   each   and every    wonderful    one    of    us,    to    strive    for greatness   even   if   only   as   we   define   it,   but more    than    that,    as    we    define    it    in    others, peoples   and   things,   and   then,   to   go   for   it.   Full throttle!   Head   for   it!      And   do   not   stop   until   we either    reach    our    goal    or    expire    in    such    a manner    that    we    are    no    longer    mentally, physically,   spiritually,   or   by   any   other   means able to continue striving. But,   should   we   succeed   in   reaching   that   goal, no   matter   how   monumentally   monumental   it may       be,       celebrate!       Yes!       Enjoy       the achievement,       but       with       brevity.       Then immediately     be     about     the     business     of striving   for   the   next   goal,   if   that   journey   has not already begun. As   always,   I   pray   you   the   best   on   this   and every    other    of    your    journeys,    paths,    and enlightenments   in   hopes   that   life   brings   you far      too      many      successes      to      count      or breathtaking moments to etch into memory.
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