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CME Publishings is Officially Official

Yes, people, I’ve officially launched CME Publishings, my Midwest based, privately owned and operated publishing company located in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. This is possibly going to be the shortest news page ever written because I’m swamped with other things to write and I didn’t have the plumb sense to get an assistant to do these things while I did other things. But, I’m in the process of doing that now. Okay, nobody’s writing my news, but there are other things I can delegate. LOL Wait, I do have more stuff to tell you.

Us Is Official!

Ellie Nellz Launches, “Sketches & Grayscales by Ellie Nellz,” 

Collection of Adult Coloring Books in Print & eBook formats!

This never gets old. Tell the truth, your mind went straight to the gutter didn’t it? Not that that’s a bad place, but you know it went straight there. NO! Adult coloring books are not pornographic. LOL They’re simply coloring books with images that are geared more towards adults than children, meaning the drawings are more complex than those that would appeal to the average child. And yes, adults do enjoy coloring. Also, the drawings have more intricate details that would be better suited for colored pencils and pens rather than crayons. Some colorists, the term used for adults who simply love to color like me, CaSandra Mathis, the publisher, and Ellie Nellz, the author of these wonderful coloring books,  As promised, Ellie delivered the eBook equivalent to 16 of her 20 printed coloring books to allow her fan-base the option of printing her stunning images on heavier weight paper should they wish to use the heavier, coloring options such as paints, markers, and certain types of gel pens. Visit our Store for purchasing information.

Tribal Nation Israel meets November release date!

“A Critical Essay on Why Blacks Use the “N” Word and Whites Are Forbidden,” went live on Amazon.com just weeks following the results of this year’s election that rocked the nation. In the aftermath of division and tumult, first time author, Tribal Nation Israel’s timely, informative, and historically factual account on the origin and effects of the “N” word screams for the readership of mainstream America. The passionate advocate for all things justice and equality believes that, at the least, the subject needs to be revisited and a dialogue broached. In lieu of current events around the globe as recent as the the disconnect between law enforcement and the African American community to the historic, racial divide between blacks and whites throughout America, it’s past time that the conversation be had and yes, he does mean, again!

Available on Amazon.com

Adult Coloring Books

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