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O. A. L.

Writing comes in many forms and lyrics is something I’ve been writing since the beginning of my time in the writing game as a young girl. Poetry, spoken word, hip hop, short stories, full-length novels, screenplays, stage-plays, I’ve tried my hand at them all on some level or another and, not to blow my own horn but, a sista was pretty damned straight every aspect of it. Wait, was? Yes Ma’am, I still am as you will soon get the pleasure of hearing and seeing.  As for the naysayers, aka, haters? Save ya breath. I ain’t for all that you too old, your time has passed, leave that rap shit for the young folk, la da dee dah dah dum dah mess. I got that real deal, Holyfield shiznit. That timeless flavor fa dat ass. And, like Craig Mack said, I’m bout to stick it all up in somebody’s ear. To all who will hear. Those who won’t? Whatever. Nobody rocks every crowd, so I’m just trying to rock the hell outta whatever crowd wants to rock with me. Wondering what O. A. L. stands for?  That’ll come in time. For now, just keep in mind the slogan for my publishing company, “the stairway to everywhere, ‘cuz you’ve got to keep climbing.” CME Publishings is building the stairway to everywhere. I’m building the stairway to everywhere. O.A.L. is building the stairway to everywhere. Why a stairway? ‘Cuz you’ve GOT to keep climbing. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to go up? By any means necessary. By all means necessary. By all necessary means. I will succeed. I am a winner. I’ve already won. All that’s left to do, is claim my prize!        Yessir!
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