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Resources / Links

Every business venture requires resources and the most successful businesses begin with the best resources. This page will contain links to networks, information, groups, people, businesses, organizations, and other forms of resources that I’ve either used myself in the past, am currently using, or believe would be a great fit for someone, but maybe haven’t used it myself. Though some of these links are from affiliate companies who pay me a commission for sending clients their way, I only work with people that I believe in. I don’t care if someone is paying me or not. If their product or service is garbage, that’s what I’m going to report. Ask any of the many merchants on Amazon.com. Yep. I’ve had a few who asked me to change my review from a negative one to a “more favorable one” after sending me an “I’m sorry you paid your hard earned money for my crappy product” gift. What? Do they not know who the hell’s number they just dialed? LOL Long story short, I don’t change my reviews. If a product is crappy. It’s crappy. If it’s defective, I’ll state that it was defective. If a service is crappy. It’s crappy. If the company does better, I’ll report the improvement, but I won’t say it was never crappy. That becomes especially important for screenwriters who’re looking for coverage for their screenplays or TV scripts. I’ve been through the ringer, so I can give you some tips on where the heck NOT to go. This list will start out small, but I will continue to build it over time. If anyone has had a problem with any resource that I list, please let me know about it and I’ll have to make the hard decision as to whether I want to continue to endorse them or drop them like a hot potato.
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