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Welcome to my Video Log  This   is   the   inside   track   of   what   goes   on   behind   the   scenes   at   CME   Publishings.   I know,   we’re   not   Tyler   Perry   studios,   buuut   neither   was   Tyler   Perry   studios   until Tyler Perry built Tyler Perry studios.  See   how   I   did   that?   Put   Tyler   Perry’s   name   in   this   post   so   many   times?   That’s because   I   greatly   admire   the   man.   Tyler   Perry   raised   himself   up   out   of   a   horrific   set of   circumstances,   fought   against   all   odds,   ignored   the   naysayers,   closed   his   ears   to the   laughter   behind   his   back   and   turned   away   from   the   multitudes   of   negative people   telling   him   he   couldn’t   do   it,   that   he’d   never   be   successful   and   that   he should   stop   chasing   dreams   and   wake   the   hell   up.   He   refused   to   listen   to   anybody short   of   God   Almighty   whom   he   had   quite   a   few   conversations   with   as   he   fought to   understand   why   the   stairs   on   his   climb   to   success   were   so   damned   steep   -   like the   stairs   in   my   logo.   See   the   stairs   attached   to   both   sides   of   the   “M?”   I   intentionally   made   them   very   steep,   (yes,   I   design   my   own   logos   -   I   do   all   of   my own graphics). I   intentionally   made   the   stairs   steep   because   that’s   the   way   it   is   on   the   climb   to   success   -   in   real   life.   Even   for   those   who’re   born   into   super   rich,   or otherwise   successful   families.   They   may   not   have   it   as   hard   as   Tyler   Perry,   or   me,   or   you,   but   they   also   have   battles   they   have   to   overcome,   steep   stairs to   climb,   only   if   it’s   the   stigma   of   having   to   fill   someone   else’s   shoes.   That’s   what   CME   Publishings   represents   -   not   just   never   giving   up,   but   having   the balls   to   try   in   the   first   damn   place.   Wimps   get   no   where.   You   can’t   live   your   life   afraid,   worrying   about   what   others   think.   For   me,   the   greatest   failure   is to never try at all. So,   welcome   to   my   video   log   where   you’ll   get   the   chance   to   see   me   as   I   climb   my   stairway   to   success.   Be   sure   to   subscribe   to   my   YouTube   Channel . The   videos   will   begin   being   posted   late   2017.   Don’t   forget,   I’m   doing   this   all   by   myself,   so   I   not   only   have   to   write   the   scripts,   direct,   and   record   the videos,   I   have   to   do   the   editing   and   uploading   on   my   YouTube   channel   and   websites   and   any   FB   and   Twitter   or   other   marketing   and   promotions avenues   I   choose   to   use.   Everything   that   most   people   only   have   to   take   one,   or   sometimes   maybe   two   parts   in,   I   have   to   play   all   roles.   Now,   that’s   not a complaint, it just happens to be a fact of my life and my hopes that you’ll take that into consideration and bare with me. Now, let’s get it, people! March with me onto greatness!
Day 01,  Day 00. 00.17 - Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Patience. LOL.  
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